Fast, sustainable home improvement.
Guaranteed price.

Remi AI is like having a platinum-certified home improvement expert standing in your home. Its so accurate, we guarantee the price.

Make your home more sustainable with Remi


Your home's first line of defense against the elements is also the platform for a sustainable home.


Save money on energy, reduce your carbon footprint and gain energy independence with solar.


Upgrade your HVAC to get year-round comfort, improved air quality & energy efficiency.

Smart Home

Monitor your home and energy usage, control from anywhere and build peace of mind.


Wave goodbye to hidden fees

Homeowners often get hit with hidden fees on the day of installation, feeling cheated on their original quote. Not with Remi. If there are any unexpected costs, we cover them. That’s the Remi guarantee!


Remi is the easy choice

RemiThe Other Guys
Quote TimelineInstantly48 hours
Additional CostsGuaranteed no additional costsLikely additional or hidden costs
WorkmanshipOnly Remi-Certified expertsNon-certified
CommunicationHear back in <1 hourNo guarantee
InsuranceAll contractors are licensed and insuredRoll the dice

Service in 17 states and always growing.